Recover older versions of deltangle files

Until now deltangle returned the latest version, now you can pick which version you want.


Today I present an update on Deltangle‘s versions. It’s a small improve but it adds a very useful feature.

Until now, a deltangle’s version stored the hash of a transaction of a content.

Now, a deltangle’s version stored the hash of a list of transactions. This list is stored using deltangle, so only the hash of the previous version and the difference with it are stored when a version is updated.

What allows you to do this? It allows you to recover a particular version.

To understand it, nothing better than an example.

Deltangle’s website has also been updated with the new version, so the functionality is ready to be used.


Note that versions are possible thanks to the use of maia, so it’s necessary to initialize a tree of MAM channels. Therefore, the creation of the first version is a slow process that could take even a few minutes, but I promise it’s worth it.

That’s all. In case you want to donate some IOTAs to support my work, send them to my donation address.

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