Increasing the autonomy of Kiri

Now Kiri integrates and a coordinator to issue milestones


In the previous post, I introduced MAIA, a MAM-based protocol that allows generating something similar to a fixed IOTA address.

Today, I present a handful of improvements in Kiri, which have been made to measure the efficiency of MAIA.

If you do not know what is Kiri, I just tell you that it is an application for Kura that allows you to deploy private IOTA testnets in LCSBC (it has been successfully tested in Raspberry Pi 2B/3B and Up Squared).


You can get more information about Kiri on its presentation post and download it from its repository (it includes ready-to-use packages).

The main improvements, from least to most important, are:

Added patch to use unsigned snapshots

The configuration of gitignore excluded a patch that allows using unsigned snapshots in IRI ^^’ . I am so sorry for anyone who had tried to deploy Kiri compiling it from the source code …

Integrated – JOTA

Jota has been patched, so it can work on Kura and it has been integrated into Kiri. Now, it is possible to use code that is using IOTA’s API to work with our private IOTA testnet.

Self-coordinated node

A coordinator has been integrated into Kiri, so it is no longer necessary to use for this. A Kiri private IOTA testnet is now autonomous.


The configuration of Kiri allows you to establish the interval for issuing new milestones by using the coordinator.


That’s all folks (more coming soon 😉 ).

In case you want to donate some IOTAs to support my work, send them to my personal IOTA address:


Or better yet, send them to my MAIA (we are making changes to the protocol and sometimes the node that we use is down, so for now it is better that we do not take risks :’) ): donation address.

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