Preliminary results

Until last week we were convinced that our idea was interesting and useful, but during this week we have verified that it is also realizable.


This has been a great week for us 🙂

Our team consists of three computer engineers; all of us from different fields, with great interest and curiosity about IoT but inexperienced in it. Because we work with some Eclipse tools we knew about the challenge, which we thought was a great opportunity to gain experience and why not?, get some cool gadgets for free!

We knew and had tried some Eclipse IoT stack tools a little (Kura, Mosquitto, Paho and maybe some other), and based on the limited knowledge we had, we started looking for an (i) interesing, (ii) useful and (iii) realizable idea. Until last week we were convinced that our idea was interesting and useful (being our own idea, how could we thing differently?), but during this week we have verified that it is also realizable.

When we made the proposal we decided to use some tools that we had never used before. An essential technology for our proposal was IOTA, unknown to us and essential to our proposal (we will post an entry in which we will explain what role plays IOTA in our ‘tangle’).

In the past weeks we have done multiple experiments with an old Raspberry PI (2 model B) and the latest version of Kura (3.1), and we have achieved (among other things) the following:

  • Scan beacons, calculate how far they are and send that information by MQTT (having previously tested version 2 of kura, we think it is great that the latest version integrates an MQTT broker ready to use).
  • Deploy web services using Kura components.
  • Trilateration using Kura components.
  • Store arbitrary information in IOTA using Kura components.

And since a picture (or a link in our case) is worth a thousand words (just today, 28th January, a IOTA snapshot is scheduled, so a picture is attached too…):


We still have a lot to do, but took a big step. Something that makes us feel especially happy is that everything works in Kura. We know that for some parts of the system there are better alternatives, but deploying everything in the same tool will help in its deployment, management and maintenance.

In the coming weeks we will be connecting the dots. We have a lot of spaghetti code that we must clean and publish. With the kit we won (thank you very much again!) we can carry out tests in real environment that will allow us to refine and improve the final system.

Stay tuned, we have many things to tell you.

Update on 29th January

Transaction post IOTA snapshot:

To see the message it is possible to decode the valid trytes of the signature at

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